Hi! I'm Pipsy. Nice to meet you.

If you're a person, we'll have a lot of happy-fun-times music for you really soon! Right here on the site. If you're a band, get in touch! Maybe we can play together sometime. If you're in the music industry, which is violently crumbling around us, welcome! We also have no money or budget, and just really like music. Contact us above!

We formed the band in 2016 with musicians from the DIY indie scene in Dunedin (NZ). But we live and get drunk in Melbourne (AUS). My brother Cam plays bass and arranges the band's artwork. Josiah plays guitar. We just got our pal Will on the drums too. He's much better on those things than me.

First single 'Why Can't I Get What I Want, For Once?' will be available for streaming and download on April 10, 2017.



Photographer: Ashley Heydon

Musicians: Paul 'Pipsy' McMillan, Cameron McMillan, Josiah Cowan, William Powell (Not Pictured)

Location: Tex Houston Studios - Dunedin, New Zealand